We love sharing our passion and work in Cambodia with our volunteers. Volunteers not only help with our projects they open up the world to the Cambodians we work with. They provide work opportunities for our Khmer staff as well as allow us to run Heartprint House, our community support centre and volunteer accommodation as a training facility.  

To protect the families and children you will be working with, you will need to provide us with a working with children check or a police check. You will also be required to sign a child protection waiver.

We provide a wide variety of volunteer options that we have listed below. Each volunteering project is set at a cost of US$100 per day.

What’s not included:

·      Flights or transport in and out of Siem Reap

·      Visa

·      Travel insurance (it is compulsory to have travel insurance)

·      Dinner

·      Sightseeing (can be arranged for an additional cost)

What’s Included:

·      Accommodation at Heartprint House Community Support Centre

·      Transport to and from your accommodation and the project

·      Airport transfers both ways

·      Breakfast daily if staying at Heartprint House

·      Lunch on the project

·      Project orientation

·      Safe drinking water whilst on site

·      A, 24/7 English speaking project co-ordinator that you can rely on.

*You may choose to stay with us for longer and do some exploring and sightseeing. For US$40 we will include accommodation at Heartprint House, breakfast daily and transport for the day.



Work within the Heartprint charity, building houses for people in need, working side by side the family you’ll build bonds for life. There is no experience necessary as our skilled building team will be there to guide you every step of the way.

You should allow five days for each house you wish to build. You will be involved in the complete house building project from day one to completion and handover on day five. You should also allow a day either side to arrive and depart. This will allow for a team orientation.

You can volunteer individually or as a group. We recommend group sizes of maximum five volunteers per house build to provide ample hands on time to our volunteers. If you have a larger group size you can build up to two houses in the five day time allowance, so if you have a group of five or more let us know and we will arrange for you to build two homes. You can build as many houses as you wish and can extend your time as long as you like as long as we have the available time.

*On top of your volunteering cost you will be required to provide the funds for building materials. The cost is paid collectively as a group and this can be done through donation or fund-raising.  


Available Dates

29/12/19-9/1/20: 3 positions remain

10/1/20-19/1/20: 3 positions remain

8/3/20-14/3/20 : 5 positions remain

19/4/20-25/4/20 : 5 positions remain

31/5/20-4/6/20 : Private (Kindredhouse)

14/6/20-20/6/20 : 5 positions remain

9/9/20-15/9/20 : 5 positions remain

11/10/20-17/10/20 : Private (Smear the Fear)

1/11/20-7/11/20 : 5 positions remain

22/11/20-28/11/20 : 5 positions remain



Many children in Cambodia suffer from malnutrition, lack of dental hygiene and other factors that lead to bad dental health. Once a year we provide dental hygiene workshops throughout three different villages as well as provide fluoride treatments.

We are looking for dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants that would like to not only help with these workshops but also provide examinations, restorations and extractions as needed in our clinic or other similar practices.

Dental workshops are held once a year and run for two weeks consecutively. You should also allow a day either side to arrive and depart. This will allow for a team orientation.

*Please note you may be required to provide necessary dental equipment, product and other necessary items or provide a donation to provide necessary items on top of your volunteering cost.


Available Dates


4 Dentist positions remain

4 Dental Hygienists positions remain

4 Dental Assistants positions remain



Help us make a change in the life of a child with special needs or learning difficulties. Our HOpE initiative provides vocational training in the form of screen printing, woodwork, metal work, nursery and sewing. You will work alongside our able-minded trained Khmer staff or provide extra training to our staff helping them provide the necessary training.

Our future hope is to extend to a small café helping provide hospitality education. At the moment this is not available to volunteers but will be listed in the future.

If you have no skill in the above arts that’s no problem either. You may choose to provide administration assistance or develop arts and craft days for the local children.

Volunteer opportunities are for a minimum of five days to allow consistency in our training approach. You should also allow a day either side to arrive and depart. This will allow for a team orientation.

*You may be required to provide some material assistance for each project or a donation to cover the costs of the project you are working on.

IMG_4118 copy.jpg

Available Dates

15/3/20-21/3/20 : 5 positions remain

26/4/20-2/5/20 : 5 positions remain

22/6/20-27/6/20 : 5 positions remain

18/10/20-24/10/20 : 5 positions remain

8/11/20-14/11/20 : 5 positions remain

29/11/20-5/12/20 : 5 positions remain



Why do I need to pay to volunteer?

We are a small organisation that run solely on sponsors and donations. As all donations go directly to the projects specified we have no extra support to allow a staff member to organise volunteering. To help support our staff and pay them a small salary we rely on your volunteer contribution to keep running.

Why is it the same price if I provide my own accommodation?

The rent on our community support centre is supported by our volunteer accommodation cost, this allows us a place to run all our community support from as well as a training centre where we provide training and up-skilling of our Khmer staff. By staying at the centre you support all of this.

If we need to pick you up and transfer you from your accommodation this takes extra man power, extra cost as well as extra co-ordination for our staff. We encourage you to stay at our support centre which is located in a small village ten minutes from town and be involved in the day to day life of Cambodians witnessing what it’s like in the real Cambodia.

Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit to volunteering however any person under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

How many hours will I be volunteering?

Each project differs although you can expect to work a maximum of eight hours each day.

How should I dress?

We expect you to dress modestly. This means minimum knee length pants. We will supply you with a t-shirt that you will need to wear during your volunteer hours.


You can add the house build project and the HOpE Initiative project together. You just need to select this tour on your registration form.


Contact Us. We will do our best to work your schedule into ours. Please note for House Building you will need to have a minimum number of five volunteers to be able to choose your own dates.


Yes you can. You will need to make sure you have a minimum of five volunteers in your group. You can choose from any of the available dates or contact us to arrange your own dates.