Leave a Heartprint.

We are an Australian Charity working in Cambodia, funding community projects to support families living in need.



Emerging from a compassionate action or thought, a Heartprint is that which leaves a positive impression upon your heart. As an Australian based charity dedicated to raising funds and offering ground support in Cambodia, our goal is to leave an impression on the hearts of impoverished Cambodians. 



Our Impact

Our team at Heartprint are dedicated to providing help to those in Cambodia who need it most. With a hands on working group of 8 members from Australia, with two of these members residing in Cambodia and the remaining members making regular visits to Cambodia, we are able to assure that all funds are distributed to those that need it most. Through regular audits the general public are able to keep track of where all funds are spent. All donations are used solely for projects in Cambodia and all our western staff are volunteers meaning the money goes to where it is needed most.

Our, in country staff work with local authorities including Village Chiefs, Chief ‘s of Communes and the Cambodian Government Authorities. All house recipients are vetted through a strict process ensuring only those that need it most receive housing. House recipients are not asked to provide anything for their house build other than their hard work.

Although our focus is building houses for the impoverished, Heartprint also provide sanitation through toilet blocks and water wells, as well as running the community support centre Heartprint House, that employs and trains Khmer staff giving them a brighter future and further employment opportunities. Through our Heart of Gold Club we are also able to provide English student sponsorships to the local English school, University sponsorships as well as medical care, care packages and so much more.


Our Programs

Heartprint is an Australian founded not for profit, non religious, organisation committed to improving living standards of underprivileged families in Cambodia. With the help of our generous volunteers and their donations we have been able to provide in country support through our various programs. 


Heartprint House Community support

Our community support centre aims to provide education, housing and awareness. Our programs aim to provide an opportunity for families to become self-sufficient., helping to break the cycle of poverty.  

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Community Builds

More than just building houses. Our community builds work to build a future for families living in desperate need. Community builds are a major part of helping families change their circumstances. 

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Heart of Gold Club

Do you have a heart of gold? We are looking for 100 people with a heart of gold to help sponsor our projects including our Community Support Centre Heartprint House in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

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HOpE Initiative

Our objective is to create employment and vocational training to disadvantaged people as well as people with special needs. And to provide a place for all people to come and be involved in a safe, non-judgemental environment.

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"It’s not just about throwing money at a solution, we ensure that all donations go toward providing a sustainable future for the people of Cambodia"

Wendy O'Brien / Heartprint Board Member