Heartprint Staff


Bor Srey Pheap / Business Manager

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Pheap is the heart and soul of Heartprint, managing the Khmer staff, running Heartprint House and ensuring our projects are delivered to those most in need. She keeps a close eye on all of the local community and ensures that the local children are keeping fed, dressed, sheltered and attending school. Coming from an impoverished background herself, Pheap is committed and passionate about helping her people. Pheap our wonder student is undergoing a Certificate 3 in Business Administration online thanks to Ignite Education in Australia.



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Our very passionate builder and project manager Thann is one of Heartprint’s very first good news stories. Starting out as a tuk tuk driver Thann’s life has taken on a whole new direction and now more than ever he’s dedicated to helping other Khmer people do the same. Thann does the majority of our family profiling, meetings with Village and Commune Authorities and is well known for keeping an eye out around the local village to identify and direct resources to those in need.



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Srey Noy is known as our Heartprint Mum, warm hearted, hard-working and dedicated to our cause. Noy has seen some of the worst of Cambodia, which motivates her to help as many people as possible move above the poverty line. She is our full time, house keeper, and also an excellent cook! Noy spends a lot of her time caring for the welfare of the local children and the rest of our Khmer staff. 



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Srey Mao is experienced in the hospitality industry and does a fantastic job managing the kitchen at Heartprint House. She ensures every meal is made delicious and nutritious for all of our visitors all year round. Mao provides daily meals for the Khmer staff of Heartprint, as well of all of our volunteer groups when they visit Cambodia. 



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Our quiet and hardworking Thom has also seen some harsh times growing up in Cambodia and has a passion to make the Khmer people live long and healthy lives. He works on our housing and sanitary projects, teaching the local community and volunteer groups alike about building, DIY handyman works, and sustainable toilet and well projects. Thom is also responsible for hand making much of the furniture you find in Heartprint House. 

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We first met Srey Near when we profiled her family to build them a house. Although she was a few months pregnant  we saw the potential in her and we offered her a job at Heartprint House. Near now has a daughter and although life  for her is still hard she is thriving under the guidance of our other Khmer staff.  Being an orphan she loves the  security of her Heartprint family.



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Baik would be one of the hardest workers we know. He was extremely instrumental in building his own house that was sponsored by Heartprint. After this build Baik started working for us on a regular basis building houses for other families in need and also doing odd jobs when needed around Heartprint House. There’s not much Baik can’t do; from word work, to steel work, he can concrete and lay bricks, his talents are endless.



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Groit is the baby of the team and also our prankster/funny man. Although he speaks little English Groit is always making up names for people and always giving us something to laugh at. Groit and Baik are married to sisters and Morn is the other half of our Made by Morn and Mae Collection (Our handmade jewellery). Also living in a Heartprint sponsored home together, Groit and Mae have a daughter, Jin Jin.


Our Khmer staff are a crucial part of the work that we do at Heartprint. Each of them have come from impoverished upbringings and harsh circumstances, and are now dedicating their work to help others break the cycle and enjoy a much better life. Without these people Heartprint House Community Centre and many of our community projects would simply not be possible. By employing local Khmer staff, Heartprint are committed to ensuring all donations remain with those who need it most and all of our projects are completed with utmost respect and sensitivity for Cambodia culture and traditions. 

If you would like to sponsor one of our Khmer staff, please email us through our Contact Us page for payment options.