HOpE Initiative

Through our extensive work in Cambodia we have become aware of the need for children and families living with the challenges faced with an intellectual disability, something that receives no support from Government organisations and is looked down upon by the greater community. By creating a safe learning environment where able-minded as well as intellectually challenged people can work side by side we aim to break down the barriers and create work opportunities and acceptance into the community.

By employing trained, local people at the H.O.p.E. Initiative that understand the cultural and religious beliefs, the difficulties people with disabilities face and the support they need we have the opportunity to change the mindset of most Cambodians. It will take courage, perseverance and strength to make these changes. At Heartprint we have worked side by side with families with special needs for many years, we have access to quality trained professionals and knowledge that is not known in Cambodia. Breaking down barriers is not new to us, we are determined to make a better life for all Cambodians.

Our objective is to create employment and vocational training to disadvantaged people as well as people with special needs. To create awareness of people with intellectual disabilities. To integrate people with learning difficulties as well as people with special needs, working within a controlled environment with able-minded locals and volunteers. To create opportunities for locals and international volunteers to work within the program. To create a source of income to supplement schooling and training for people with learning difficulties and special needs. And to provide a place for all people to come and be involved in a safe, non-judgemental environment.



“Many people look down on my child and for a long time I believed them, I believed my child could not go to school, I believed my child would never be able to get a job, I believed everything they said. Now my child attends school, has hope for the future and I try so hard to no longer believe what people tell me. I know she can have a better life”.

- Bor Srey Pheap, mum of Panya.


What will the centre provide?

Integration for people with learning difficulties and intellectual disabilities by working alongside able-minded locals and volunteers.

Education on sanitation, hygiene and women’s health through workshops and information.

Training workshops in screen printing, sewing, woodworking, plant nursery, metal work and hospitality.

Employment opportunities for able-minded and intellectually disabled persons.

Dental hygiene and dentistry.

Computer programs for all Cambodian children regardless of intellect.

Support and education for families living with a child with learning difficulties or an intellectual disability.