Ant’s mum was a lucky survivor of the Khmer Rouge, the communist regime led by Pol Pot. She was sponsored to New  Zealand as a refugee, literally arriving there with nothing. Her story of overcoming struggle and the unyielding support she continually gives to others in the community makes her one of Jamie’s biggest inspirations. 

After booking their holiday to Siem Reap Jamie decided she wanted her trip to Cambodia to not only be a holiday, but an opportunity to give back in whatever little way she could.

Jamie came across Heartprint on social media and thankfully loved what we were about.  The couple decided they would raise enough money to build a house, a toilet and a well. With the enormous support of their family and friends they not only managed to donate to all these projects they also donated another well as well as a toilet upgrade for a family that had the beginning of a toilet but was unable to complete it. 

It was wonderful to share the visit with Jamie and Ant when they came to meet the families they had helped directly, to see the 

connection they now held with the families and for Ant to feel the connection to his mother’s birth place was a very special time for us at Heartprint.

Enjoy the movies of what one couple were able to achieve with a little help from Heartprint and see how much they touched hearts and changed lives in Cambodia.