Heartprint Staff

The only people earning a wage or receiving any remuneration at Heartprint are the Cambodian Khmer staff. By employing Khmer staff we are able to assist them by up-skilling and ensuring we better their lives. We are at this stage looking for sponsors to help us pay the wage of our Khmer staff. Our Australian volunteers work tirelessly to ensure all money goes into our projects in Cambodia and administration costs are kept at an absolute minimum.


RIANNAN DE LA TORRE - Board member

Ri’s passion for Cambodia started when she visited Cambodia in 2014 on a volunteer tour. Feeling the need to do more than just volunteer she decided the next step would be to set up a charity where all her friends could help her work.

GARRY O’BRIEN - Board member

With a building background it was only natural that Garry would make a difference in Cambodia by building houses. Building the first house for a family in March of 2014 he has now built in excess of twenty houses for families in need and oversees every build personally himself.


WENDY O’BRIEN - Board member

Wendy’s first trip to Cambodia in 2012 changed her life. After that holiday she swore she’d never stay in a 5 star hotel again and she’d be back to make a difference. She started her quest less than a year later and now spends majority of her time inCambodia.


JORDANA WILSON - Board member

Jordana has a peaceful soul that is passed on to everyone she meets, her caring and compassionate nature is what lead the rest of the board to ask Jordana to join them. After travelling to Cambodia as a child with her parents and continuing to travel to and volunteer there as she entered her twenties it was an easy step for her to join the rest of the members on the board.